Task Manager

Keep your work organised

Everyone knows that keeping your tasks organised is important and that it can save you a lot of time.

BAT has an advanced system of tasks that allows you to create and manage tasks in a simple and fast way.

These are some of the options our task system can provide you:

  • Link tasks with clients, this allows you to create tasks related to a specific client and follow up.
  • Assign tasks to an user, you can assign tasks to a specific user to perform that task and track activity.
  • Select the type of task, you can select the type of task from a list that you can create and customise to organise as you want.
  • Add documents, you can attach any desired amount files to a task.
  • Recurrence, you can add monthly or annual recurrence to the task, this will show an alerts in your calendar and it will appear in the list of reminders.
  • Time spent, you can allocate time spent to the task to measure the time spent in the task and follow up.


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