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Access to BAT software

  • BAT - Practice Management System
  • Business Log
  • Turnover Log
  • Task System
  • GDPR Tool (+£10.00 pm)
  • What includes?

    This plan includes access to BAT software and many of its tools:

    CMS (Client Management System), Business log, Turnover log, Commissions report, Financial exams and CPD, Custom Factfind builder, Letter Builder and Task management system.

  • What is BAT?

    BAT is a compliance software designed to help you maintain total control over your customers, businesses and turnover. BAT has many tools that help advisers save a lot of time and therefore money. You can find all the information about BAT on its official website

  • What do I NOT get access to?

    File checking, compliance support, Gabriel return completion, Enhanced commission rates...

Network services

You can get BAT through one of the following networks