User customization
Written by George Romero on 04/02/2019

This week we have updated the user customization options, allowing BAT users some new functionalities:

The first one is to be able to upload your own profile picture and displaying role, which would show on the internal e-mails, and in near future in the new communication system we are working on!

In order to get your profile picture and your role updated, you just need to go yo your profile and click on the edit button:

There, on the first tab called Profile on the bottom, you will be able to upload your picture and to edit your display role:

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This will also be displayed on the company user list:

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If you need any support while starting to use the new functionality, feel free to send us an internal BAT e-mail:
This is a secured internal link.

Also, please feel free to send us your feedback at any time through BAT, your opinion is really important for us to keep improving!
This is a secured internal link.