IFAC have been using BAT's prototype for 23 years and through IFAC and their sister company FINANCIAL Ltd (now Tavistock Financial, then sold in 2018 as SANLAM FINANCIAL) used by over 1200 IFA individuals.

The BAT system is unique, serves IFAC perfectly as a tool to manage our clients, complete their file checks, FCA returns, Gabriel returns and Audits.
Our firms have IFAC as their compliance manager.

We act as your CF10 - either directly on the FCA register, or through delegation.

You call it compliance - we call it IFAC.
You call it a system - IFAC call it business management.

BAT provides us with a document library, T&C records, new biz book, Gabriel reporting, Client CRM, promotion checker, online file checker and complaint handler.

Users and former users of BAT, previously named Reever and Phossil, are among the foremost IFA and MGI firms in the UK, including the aforementioned and many others. The system is stand alone, does not pretend to be a platform or fund manager, but provides automatic suitability reports and all the KPIs you and your clients will ever need.

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